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Reaching a function or variable from another node/function



Hello, I have a question about how to reach a function or variable in a node/function from another one. Very basic fundamental stuff that I find a must to know now when I am starting out with working in the Lolo IDE.

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Great question! When working in the Lolo IDE we have access to something called route which you can find more info in the Lolo Docs about: https://docs.lolo.company/docs/applications. Route is used to pass events from one node to another by declaring:


in the end of your function. If you want to reach a specific variable or function that you declared in one node in a following node in your app you can do the following in the node where you declare your variable or function: 

exports.handler = async(ev, ctx) => {
  const { route } = ctx;

  //Declare your variable as usual
  const variable = "A variable I want to use in a later node/function";

  //Makes variable reachable through event
  ev.evvariable = variable;

  //Makes function reachable through event
  ev.evfunction = function exampleFunction() {
    //Do your function stuff as intended

  //Sends the events to following node/nodes.

Now to the node/function where you want to reach and use these variables or functions: 

exports.handler = async(ev, ctx) => {
  const {emit} = ctx;

  //Contains the string from previous node
  let body = ev.evvariable;
  //Emits a response containing the string
  emit('response', { statusCode: '200', body });
  //Contains previous nodes function and will execute it.

Remember this is only an example. The possibilities are endless. Hope this answered your question, and good luck in your Lolo Adventures!

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